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Free shipping for orders over $150

Shipping & Giveaway

Emerald Jade has 3 options to best suit the needs of our customers. Shipping is $5 for one item, $7 for 2 items, and $9 for 3 items or more. You will get free shipping on order of $150 or more!

We try our best to ship out between 2-4 business days! Please note that weekends and Holidays do not count as business days! 

Giveaways:  - If you won a giveaway item, please note we ship out giveaways once a month due to the volume we do. Please ensure if you participate in a giveaway, you are registered! :) If you are NOT registered you will NOT receive your giveaway, and your free item tag will be thrown away.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US REGARDING A GIVEAWAY UNLESS IT HAS BEEN OVER A MONTH!  This just slows the process so we kindly ask for a little patience with this. :) Unpaid Carts will also void any pending giveaway(s). We try our best to get your giveaway shipped with your order!